Black Crusade Trial

2nd Game

2nd Game

The Jolly Rancheros venture forth from Telashtyr’s domain. They find two suits of armor, Torgath’s axe, various other equipment, and the way forward.

After their exploration of the looted and lived in sections of the lab and interrogation chambers, the J.R.s make their way to a river of waste and fecal matter, with a boat on the other side. Luckily, the “river” is only ankle deep. They make their way generally up, and find the Sanctum Gate, a long bridge guarded by nasty looking turrets. Deciding that it is not worthwhile to try and cross said nasty-ass bridge, they try to find a key to deactivate the security protocols. What they manage to find is one of the four main general-purpose prison-holds, and the warden’s spire. The warden’s spire leads them to the Bilge, the waste processing portion of the ship. The waste is now processed by a minor daemon of Nurgle, of ever honored memory, whom they promptly kill. Searching through his decadent (as in decaying) lair, they find the key to deactivate the Sanctum Gate.

They then cross the Sanctum Gate, and lay waste to the inhabitants of the other side.

Across the gate is the Kingdom of the Lord of Rot and Ruin, currently Queen Scarna. Elyas doesn’t like the tone the gatekeeper who greets them, so they try to kill him. By “they” I mean “[Trey’s character]”. He misses. The gatekeeper promptly poops his pants, and then escapes. The J.R.s slowly but surely chase the gatekeepers down, but are moving too slow to catch any of them. They get lost, and (predictably) run into an ambush. The ambush is ultimately unsuccesful, but the Queen’s champion nearly kills Torgath. Luckily, [Trey’s character] shoots the champion with a doom bolt, which does no actual damage to him, but also causes everything to rise up into the air 7 meters, and then fall to the ground. The champion, having been raised to abhor the mutant (queue irony: he’s a mutant) and being a follower of Khorne, who hates psykers, leaves Torgath the Pussyassbitch to bleed to death while he tries to kill the witch. Then he dies.

The Queen prostrates herself before the Jolly Rancheros, and indentures herself to them as tour guide. They then make their way to the Bridge. Along the way, [Trey’s character] starts hearing voices, telling them that Crane’s men are trying to reestablish control of the murder servitors on the ship, to keep the J.R.s from living. The J.R.s find Crane’s men, and rig a ship-ship artillery shell to blow up the servitor controls. They succeed.

The J.R.s then make their way back up to the bridge, and find a “place of power”, where Queen Scarna’s people bring sacrifices in times of need or troubles. They find a daemonhost, a daemon bound within mortal flesh to the will of a great and Radical inquisitor, locked within a summoning circle. The daemon, Karnak Zul by name, tells them that he has been waiting for 200 years for their arrival, that he might be freed from his imprisonment, and in turn might free the Jolly Rancheros. The J.R.s feed him a new body, and prepare to open the door to the bridge.

God(s) be with them. I intend to TPK the fuck out of them.



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